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Heritage & Humble Beginnings

Born in the birthplace of Jazz to parents that were medical interns at New Orleans’ Tulane School of Medicine at the time, Kyla Ariana Thorpe came into this world as a vintage soul with a rhythm all her own. Raised in Miami, Florida, Kyla went on to study at the esteemed University of Miami where she received a Bachelor of Science in Communication in Public Relations, with minors in Journalism and Entrepreneurship, as well as a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Sociology; degrees that would serve as the foundation for her multiple career paths which includes her most recent roles as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at the Foundation for Sickle Cell Disease Research, (FSCDR).

The Rise & Glow Up

Kyla meticulously prepared for her desired future by studying and learning valuable intercultural communication skills. In addition to her degrees from University of Miami, her
education also includes the art and business of fashion from the American University of Paris, as well as international communications from media company Fiera Milano Media in Milan. Immersing herself in other cultures has helped Kyla develop a deeper understanding of the global humanity that she cherishes. She now works in the compassionate spaces of healthcare and wellness with a unique creative spirit and worldly mentality, positioning herself to deliver world-class, comprehensive healthcare to underserved populations.

Just the Beginning

Often dubbed “The Youngest in Charge” by peers, Kyla’s healthcare champion light and energy are felt whether among close friends, or while addressing a crowd of hundreds at the foundation’s annual Symposium. She is a shining example of what young leadership looks like today, at ease while engaging lobbyists or prominent pharmaceutical executives, while also effective at persuading and influencing high-ranking individuals. Her perspective is highly valued; people trust and respect her judgments and for good reasons.


She has researched the intricacies of emerging healthcare markets, global natural resources, and the gaps and inequities in comprehensive sickle cell disease care. At FSCDR, Kyla’s work is integral in shaping the organization's daily operations and mission. She states, “while my mom has had the vision for her company, I am an essential part in much of the execution of things she needs to complete, helping to find and put together a great team and finding the best technology options to meet company goals.” Kyla ensures that major company processes are optimized for profitability and productivity.


What’s Next?

From 2017 to 2022, Kyla has helped FSCDR increase efficiency and profits, while giving herself more free time and less stress as she intentionally prioritizes her own wellness and self-care. She shares her leadership gems for work/life balance through her newly released e-book “Do It All Without Doing It All,” which is also reflective of Kyla’s mission to help women harmonize their life and work.

Kyla is currently pursuing her Global Executive MBA from University of Miami’s Herbert Business School, in addition to remaining anactive member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc and executive member of the Ellevate Network. When she’s not busy “doing it all,” Kyla is expanding her harmonious lifestyle brand KatGold.

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